Our Services

Our Services

Partitioning Services:

Get your own switch partition for International VOIP wholesale with Billing and LCR.

No contracts, no commitement, no deposits, no hidden costs and no unforseen expenses.

We take care of everything so you can do what you do best, sell.

NOC and Back-Office:

Our highly trained engineers and technicians will manage the whole infraestructure and technical aspect of your company including route testing, configuration, billing, LCR and route and rate changes, you don't have to find any personnel, it's all here if you need us.

Retail and Wholesale:

We have all the knowledge and expertise you need to start or grow you telecom project.

We can setup and manage your Calling Card, PIN Free, CallBack or Wholesale operation

with the newest, most reliable and advanced platforms in the market.

We offer Web Site/Telecom integration and manage your distribution and advertising.

More information:

For additional information or to inquire about business opportunities, please fell free to contact us at sales@creacomm.net or call us at +1-305-297-4476.

What Our Clients are Saying

With hundreds of satisfied clients that keep coming back for our advise, it's easy to see why Creacomm is the right choice.

Amanda Johnson
CFO, Bass Designs
Son los güevos de la pradera!!
Sam Heinz
Lead Developer, TaftCo Enterprises
Nadie mejor que estos coños.
VP Engineering
VitalTech Incorporated
Saben mas que un pescao frito!!
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